People can be affected by terrorism in a variety of ways – you don’t have to have been physically injured or know someone who has to be traumatised by terrorism attacks that happen across the world. 

Terrorism can leave you fearing anxious, depressed and fearful, while your feelings may change day to day. They may also be triggered and become more present when other terrorism events occur.

We can help and support you in a number of ways following terrorism, whether you have been directly affected or just want to talk about how you feel after an incident.

Our support workers are trained to understand how you feel and to help you to recover. When you’re ready to talk, contact us.

Through Victim Support’s local services, Homicide Service and national Supportline, the charity has helped victims and survivors of terrorist attacks both at home and abroad, as well as supporting visitors to the UK who may have been caught up in an incident of terrorism.  

From experience we know it is not only those who are injured and the families of the bereaved who are affected; these attacks can also have a serious impact on witnesses. Anyone who is impacted by terrorism can access support from VS. We can provide help for the psychological, emotional and physical impact of terrorism.

How we can help

Support for this type of crime is highly specific to your needs and can include:

  • psycho-social support and access to counselling;
  • helping you to access screening for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder;
  • signposting or referring you to other agencies and services that can also offer help; and
  • support through any criminal trial or inquest proceeding.
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