Stalking and Harassment

What is stalking and harassment?

Stalking and harassment is when someone persistently gives you unwanted attention, including attention of a sexual nature (called sexual harassment).

Stalking and harassment can be both physical or emotional and psychological, such as someone persistently sending you messages by text or online when you have asked them not to.

Crime of this nature can lead the victim to fear for their own safety and can be extremely distressing.

It is important to remember that actions like these are a crime, and you can access help and support. If you feel comfortable, report the crime to the [hyperlink] police. Ensure you keep a diary and any evidence you can such as copies of text messages or emails. If you feel you’re able to do so safely, you can even take pictures or video with your phone.

How we can help victims of stalking and harassment

Regardless of if you have reported any stalking or harassment to the police and regardless of if the incident is still ongoing or is historic, we can help and support you by:

  • providing emotional support, either face to face or over the phone;
  • help you decide what action you want to take, in terms of reporting the crime;
  • giving you practical advice;
  • keeping you up to date with what is being done by the police and other agencies;
  • signposting or refer you to other agencies and services that can also offer help; and
  • providing support if a case goes to court.

If you're the victim of stalking or harassment, contact us to see how we can help.

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