Arson and criminal damage

What to do if you've experienced arson

It’s also important to prevent any future incidents. If you’ve experienced arson, ensure you:


  • report the incident to the police, if you feel comfortable. They may want to come and collect evidence;
  • try to capture photo or video evidence – but only without putting yourself at risk;
  • keep a record of all events that you think are related to the arson attack or any subsequent criminal damage or harassment. Note as much detail as possible, including the date and time of incidents;
  • repair any damaged property as quickly if you can. Vandalised property can attract people who may cause more damage; and
  • review your home security and upgrade if it necessary – this is something we may be we able to help with.  

How we can support you

Experiencing criminal damage or arson can be a traumatic experience and we're here to help you cope and recover from any incidents that you experience.

If you have experienced arson, we can 

  • provide emotional support, either over the phone or face to face;
  • provide practical support advice, especially in relation to keeping your home secure;
  • keep you up to date with what is being done by the police and other agencies;
  • give you advice about your personal safety and home security;
  • signpost or refer you to other agencies and services that can also offer help; and
  • provide support if a case goes to court.

If you’d like to speak to us about the help and support we can provide, contact us.

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