About LVWS

The London Victims and Witness Service (LVWS) is a support service for London residents who are affected by or witness to crime, commissioned by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). 

The new service brings together five key areas of support for victims and witnesses through a single integrated service:

  • The service provides support to adult (18+) victims of crime
  • Provides specialist support for victims and survivors of domestic abuse (aged 16+)
  • Provides access to Restorative Justice
  • Delivers pre-trial and outreach support for prosecution and defence witnesses
  • Provides support for people affected by major crime incidents. 

If you have been affected by crime 

The LVWS can provide you with dedicated and specialist support to help you through your criminal justice journey and to cope and recover from what you have experienced. We can also provide you with information about your rights and entitlements under the Victims Code of Practice. 

You do not need to have reported the crime to the police in order to receive support from us. 

Supporting you to cope and recover 

When you contact the service we will undertake an assessment to find out the impact the crime has had on you; the assessment will focus on the following areas of your life to find out what support you might need:

    Health and wellbeing

    Feelings of safety

    Ability to manage aspects of everyday life




    Relationships/social life

    Work, study and training

    Alcohol and drug use.

      After the assessment process your allocated caseworker will work with you to plan how your needs can be supported through the service or by referral on to other organisations.

      Through our partnerships 

      We can help you access more specialist support from our partner organisations: 

      CALM Mediation Service provide access to Restorative Justice 

      GALOP provide specialist support to LGBT+ communities 

      Sistah Space provide specialist support to victims from African heritage communities 

      Stay Safe East provide specialist support and expertise to victims of crime who are disabled

      St Giles Trust provide support for those who are gang affiliated or at risk of joining gangs 

      Shelter provide specialist advice and support around housing and welfare benefits. 

      These organisations work in partnership with us to ensure you can access support tailored to your needs.

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